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Whole-House Surge Protector Installation in Charlotte, NC

Don't be left in the dark! Let Roby Electric install a whole-house surge protector to protect your home's electrical wiring and electrical devices. Call today!

Whole-house surge protectors offer a reliable defense against the many sources of power surges. Lightning from Carolina storms is one risk, but you also need to be concerned about incidents like a vehicle running into a nearby power line pole.

Even more commonly, power surges occur when large appliances like washing machines and computer printers turn on and off. It’s just a little jolt compared to lightning, but the excess energy can still fry your electronics.

Roby Electric offers installation of whole-house surge protectors at the breaker panel. In combination with outlet protection for your most important devices, a whole-house surge protector is your best defense against power surges.

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Is Whole-House Surge Protection Really Necessary?

There are two big reasons to get a whole-house surge protector.

  1. Lots of power surges actually start inside the home and spread to various appliances through the main electrical panel. The surge protection offered by a typical power strip can only absorb a little bit of shock before it’s worn out.
  2. Whenever excess voltage reaches your main electrical panel, the whole-house surge protector diverts the extra power to the grounding wire. This is much stronger and more permanent than power strips, which simply “sacrifice” themselves to absorb the surge.

Considering the replacement costs of your valuable electronics — from televisions and laptops down to the programmable coffee pot — a whole-house surge protector more than pays for itself in the protection it provides.

A whole-house surge protector installation in Charlotte takes only a few hours and probably costs less than a new home theater system!

Why Hire an Electrician to Install a Whole-House Surge Protector?

Professional electricians must install whole-house surge protectors because they are wired to your electrical service panel. The device goes inside or next to the breaker box and re-directs surge power to the grounding wire.

Your Roby Electric contractor will help you decide how much protection you need and provide tips for avoiding power surges within the home. After installation, all your appliances and electronics will be protected from internal power surges and virtually any surges that come from outside.

The experts at Roby Electric can help you decide what kind and how much protection you need based on your home, belongings, and proximity to lightning-prone areas. Whole-house surge protectors are rated in terms of how many amps of electricity they can handle.

Roby Electric only recommends and installs products that you really need. Our electricians do not work on commission, so our only goal is to get you the best surge protection.

Ask Roby Electric to Install Surge Protection in Charlotte, NC

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