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Charlotte Track Lighting Installation

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Roby Electric is the Charlotte area’s choice for wiring and installing indoor lighting fixtures. Many homeowners are choosing track lighting these days thanks to its versatile design options and energy-efficient performance. Installing track lighting requires some serious wiring skills, so it’s best to work with a licensed and insured electrician. 

Find out how our Charlotte electricians can help you get the style and performance you want from track lighting throughout the home. Request an estimate or call 704.334.6447 to get started today.

Benefits of Track Lighting

With a wide variety of track lighting fixtures available, this stylish and functional option for lighting can be used anywhere in the home. Track lighting is especially popular in kitchens, hallways, basements, and to shine a spotlight on wall decorations. Here’s why you may want to consider installing track lighting in many rooms of the home:

  • Great coverage - Light large areas evenly with fewer shadows
  • Energy efficiency - Track lighting often takes LED or halogen bulbs which save lots of energy and money
  • Low profile - Track lights save space in rooms with low ceilings, while offering more decoration than recessed lighting
  • More than just industrial decoration - The popular industrial chic look incorporates track lighting beautifully, but there are fixtures with a wide variety of styles
  • Kitchen and task lighting - Install track lighting under kitchen cabinets, in the garage workshop, or other places where overhead lights are less effective  

Charlotte's Track Lighting Wiring & Installation Experts

The most difficult part of installing track lighting is adding the wiring. Wires must be fed through the wall or ceiling, and a new circuit may be necessary. Additionally, track lighting will need a new wall switch.

The steps for installing track lighting:

  • Aligning and marking installation locations
  • Drilling holes and feeding wiring to the desired location
  • Adding electrical circuits as needed
  • Adding or moving an electrical outlet for the switch
  • Wiring the track
  • Securing the track and light fixtures

Charlotte Electricians for Track Lighting

Our wiring experts know how to install track lighting with the best precision and safest wiring methods. Your finished lighting project will look crisp and clean while functioning exactly the way you want. We can install dimmer switches, 3-way lights, and various kinds of low-voltage energy-efficient bulbs as part of the process. And in the end, we clean up after ourselves and make sure that the wiring and wall switches are installed true and securely.

Homeowners in Charlotte enjoy working with Roby Electric for wiring and lighting projects because our staff is friendly, talented, and hard-working.

We install track lighting in as little as one day, without sacrificing quality. We provide warranties for all labor and materials. Our goal is always to become your preferred electrician!

Free Estimates for Track Lighting Installation in Charlotte, NC

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