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Charlotte Outlet Repair & Outlet Replacement

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Everybody takes electrical outlets for granted, until they stop working. You check the breaker switch, but everything there seems fine. Over time, wall outlets simply go bad. Due to simple age or bad wiring that has caused overheating, you get a dead wall outlet or an outlet with unreliable power.

You need an electrician to take a look at a broken outlet because the problem may be due to faulty wiring. Replacing a wall outlet is more difficult than most homeowners care to handle themselves, too — you need some wire cutting and crimping tools.

Roby Electric takes care of outlet repair and installation with fast, friendly, and professional service. Contact us for outlet repair or replacement, or to add extra outlets or GFCI receptacles for better safety.

Electrical Outlet Repair in Charlotte

Our electricians can fix loose, flickering, or dead wall outlets. We always provide the simplest and best solution — we won’t try to upsell you on a bigger repair that you don’t need. Stop putting up with the annoyance of a faulty outlet, and contact us for electrical outlet repair in Charlotte or its surrounding areas!

How to tell if you need outlet repair:

  • Flickering lights
  • Plug or outlet faceplate is hot to the touch
  • Melted or burnt faceplate
  • Loose outlets
  • Dead outlet but circuit has not tripped
  • GFCI outlet does not work

Reasons to Install Extra Wall Outlets

Older homes often have fewer wall outlets than today’s new homes because electrical consumption has changed so much over the years. If you have renovated or rearranged a room, you might simply not have outlets where you need them.

If you need more than one power strip at an outlet, you’re plugging in too many devices. Daisy-chained power strips are especially dangerous. Extension cords also create a tripping hazard, and they might be incapable of handling the electrical load of the appliances they power. Take it as a sign that you need more outlets if you are relying on power strips or extension cords.

Adding GFCI outlets also provides more safety. Codes have gotten stricter over the years, and you really need GFCI protection in any wet or outdoor area.

Outlet Replacement in Charlotte, NC

In some cases, outlet repair isn’t an option. In this case, you might need to have your outlet replaced, and we can help! Roby Electric offers outlet replacement in Charlotte, NC and can install a brand new electrical outlet in your home.

These include:

  • 3-pronged outlets – Your standard, grounded outlet.
  • GFCI outlets – These are commonly installed in Charlotte area homes. GFCI outlets are the ones with “TEST” and “RESET” buttons and is typically found in wet and damp locations like the kitchen or bathroom. GFCI outlets help protect you from electrical shock.
  • USB wall outlets – USB wall outlets allow you to charge all of your family’s phones, tablets, and other electrical devices while still including two electrical plugs.

Why Choose Roby Electric

We’re here to provide safe, easy to use, reliable power in every room of the home. When wall outlets go bad or you need extra to power your daily activities, you can trust Roby Electric for friendly and professional service.

Our Charlotte electricians are licensed, trained, and insured, and we never subcontract our work. You get a drug-screened and background-checked Roby Electric employee with complete expertise to handle any outlet problem or related wiring issue.

Schedule Outlet Repair or Outlet Replacement in Charlotte, NC

Give us a chance to become your electrician, and get same-day service from best residential electricians in the area! Call Roby Electric at 704-334-6447 or schedule a free estimate online for electrical outlet repair, replacement, or installation in the Charlotte area.

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