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Lightning Damage Repair in Charlotte, NC

After lightning has struck your home or near to it, you are probably grateful for your well-being yet concerned about the damage to wiring and appliances. Our Charlotte electricians can inspect your entire system to find any frayed wires, burnt sockets, and ruined circuits.

Get electrical repairs soon after any lightning strike damage so that you don’t wind up with an electrical fire later. You should not replace any fried electronics until the wiring and outlets have been inspected by our professional, licensed electricians.

If you believe your home wiring was damaged by lightning, contact Roby Electric for repairs and safety upgrades.

Call 704.334.6447 or request service online for lightning damage repair in Charlotte.

Common Electrical Damage Caused by Lightning

The powerful surge of a lightning strike can affect your entire home as the electricity travels through the wiring in all directions. All circuits, breakers, and electrical outlets may have overheated and melted.

Roby Electric gives your home a thorough inspection after lightning damage to address all items likely to have been impacted:

Whole-House Surge Protectors in Charlotte

A whole-home surge protector installation in Charlotte can prevent damage from large power surges like lightning and grid outages. The surge protectors are hard-wired directly to the service panel and need to be installed by a licensed electrician. There will usually be an indication that the unit was hit during a storm. At that point, be sure to call your trusted electricians at Roby Electrical to check the condition of your home and the surge protector!

Lightning Damage Repair

Roby Electric knows how to look for the signs of electrical damage after lightning strikes. You might not need a complete panel replacement and rewiring, but every component should be checked for burn marks, scorching, or melting, and your AFCI and GFCI protection should be tested. Our Charlotte electricians want you to feel safe in your home! Roby Electric will simply repair all lightning damage and let you know what needs to be replaced.

Lightning Damage Electrical Inspection in Charlotte

Entrust your safety to Roby Electric to get peace of mind and safely functioning power in your home again.

Call us at 704.334.6447 or contact us online to schedule an inspection for lightning damage repair in the metro Charlotte area.