GFCI breaker installation and repair in Charlotte, NC
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GFCI Breaker Installation & Repair in Charlotte, NC

Roby Electric installs, replaces, and repairs GFCI breakers in Charlotte, NC and its surrounding areas. Give us a call to better protect your home today! 704-334-6447.

We’re all familiar with the “ground fault circuit interrupter” receptacles commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens — the ones with the test and reset buttons that automatically switch off appliances when they detect electrical danger. The same protection can be applied to an entire circuit with a GFCI breaker.

Roby Electric installs and repairs GFCI breakers in the greater Charlotte area. This common-sense step will help protect your family and appliances and give you better peace of mind. Better to be safe than to find out the hard way what a sudden shock of electricity can do to you and your belongings!

To add GFCI protection at the breaker panel and protect more outlets in your home, contact Roby Electric today. Call us at 704-334-6447 or request an estimate online to get the best electricians in Charlotte.

Why Install a GFCI Breaker?

Safety protocols including the National Electrical Code require GFCI protection for outlets located near water or outdoors. Yet many homes have been grandfathered in or get built without GFCI protection in all the places where you really need it.

Reasons to use a GFCI breaker versus a GFCI outlet include:

  • Safety coverage – Enjoy Most people have appliances and water near each other in locations that do not have GFCI outlets. And GFCI outlets do not protect outlets that are earlier in the circuit.
  • Easy operation – It may be easier to reset the GFCI at the breaker panel rather than going around figuring out which wall outlet tripped. You might not have easy access to the outlets used for some devices, including outdoor appliances like pool equipment.
  • Simple installation – A GFCI breaker simply replaces a regular breaker. This avoids the need for disturbing your walls to replace outlets. GFCI outlets are larger than regular outlets and may not even fit in some locations.

GFCI Breaker Installation & Repair in Charlotte, NC

Let Charlotte’s trusted electricians figure out where you need GFCI protection and the best way to add it. We often install GFCI breakers for all circuits that serve kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, and outside.

Although installing a GFCI breaker is a fairly simple process for our electricians, it’s not a good DIY project. Changing the breaker and testing it for safety requires some wiring expertise and special tools. The goal here is safety — so avoid shock injuries and leave GFCI breakers to the pros!

Roby Electric only sends our own licensed and insured employees. We come to you prepared and experienced in the task. Sit back and let Roby Electric show you why the simplest and best solution is to hire our Charlotte electricians for wiring projects like this.

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We offer electrical installations and repairs for homes and businesses throughout the Charlotte area.

Contact us online or call 704-334-6447 to schedule an estimate for GFCI breaker installation by Roby Electric and find out why we’re Charlotte’s trusted electrician.

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