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Charlotte Fuse Box Installation

Need to upgrade or rewire your fuse box? Call Roby Electric, a licensed electrician in Charlotte and Greensboro, NC for fuse box installation services!

Every home needs a safe and functional fuse box to control the amount of electricity flowing throughout the home. If you need a fuse box installation, upgrade, or replacement, you really need a licensed residential electrician in Charlotte to do the job correctly and up to electrical code. The quality of your fuse box installation will help determine the safety and lifespan of your wiring and electrical system.

Choose Roby Electric for fuse box installation in Charlotte, NC, and you’ll see why Mecklkenburg County residents trust us for honest service and quality electrical work. You can call 704.334.6447 or contact us online to request a free estimate for a fuse box installation in Charlotte, NC and its surrounding areas.

Reasons to Upgrade a Fuse Box in Your Charlotte Home

Most people who want to replace a fuse box with a new circuit breaker panel do so because they’d rather flip a breaker switch than have to replace an entire blown fuse. There are many more reasons to upgrade a fuse box. First of all, blown fuses are a sign that your electrical system is overloaded and you need to upgrade!

Here are the top reasons to replace a fuse box: 

  • Fuses blow out when you turn on appliances or lights.
  • You want to add more appliances or a new circuit, and your fuse box already has a wire at every fuse.
  • You’ve noticed signs of overheating (the fuse box or outlet covers feel hot or some wires appear frayed, melted, or scorched).
  • The electrical system shows signs of overloading, such as flickering lights, insufficient power for some appliances, and blown fuses.
  • You are selling the home or getting new homeowners insurance and thus need a modern electrical panel. 

New and Replacement Fuse Box Installation in Charlotte

To install a new fuse box, we have to do some math and calculate the electrical needs for your home and for the individual circuits. This might involve adding new circuits, such as giving the refrigerator its own circuit separate from the rest of the kitchen.

The actual install involves removing the old fuse box carefully, inspecting the wiring, then proceeding with wiring up the new fuse box. It takes patience and careful attention, but Roby Electric can typically install a new fuse box in one day.

Our experience and knowledge ensure that your fuse box installation is performed with precision, so your electrical system will be ready to run safely immediately and for years to come.

Why Choose Roby Electric for Fuse Box Installation?

Try Roby Electric for your fuse box installation and find out why we’re Charlotte’s trusted electricians:

  • Free estimates for fuse box installations in Charlotte
  • Warranties for all parts and labor
  • Work performed by bonded and insured Roby Electric employees
  • Same-day service available throughout the Charlotte area
  • Great project communication and honesty

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