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Metal-Halide & Fluorescent Lighting Retrofits in Charlotte, NC

Roby Electric offers a turnkey solution for commercial lighting retrofits in Charlotte and Greensboro, NC, including T12 fluorescent lights and metal-halide lights. Call today to get started or to learn more about North Carolina commercial lighting incentives and rebates!

Commercial Lighting Retrofits in Charlotte

As part of the Duke Energy Smart $aver® Prescriptive Incentive Program, Roby Electric offers a turnkey solution for Charlotte businesses for metal-halide lighting retrofits and fluorescent lighting retrofits.

To take advantage of this great rebate program, call Roby Electric. Our Charlotte commercial electricians are licensed and insured to replace your metal-halide and fluorescent lighting with energy efficient commercial LED lighting solutions.

Give us a call or contact us on the web to schedule your commercial lighting retrofit in Charlotte or its surrounding areas today!

Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Retrofits in Charlotte

If your business uses T12 fluorescent light bulbs, you’re business is not as energy efficient as it can be. In fact, T12 fluorescent bulbs were cut from production in 2012 due to their inefficiency and because the magnetic ballasts used to operate a T12 bulbs were phased out of production in 2010.

T12 fluorescent lights have been a popular choice for businesses for the past 60 years. While they are most common in commercial and industrial facilities, T12 lights consume approximately 40 percent more electricity use than newer, more energy efficient LED lights.

Roby Electric can replace your T12 fluorescent lights with energy efficient commercial LED lighting solutions.

Metal-Halide Lighting Retrofits & Replacements in Charlotte

Metal-halide light bulbs are an electric bulb that produces light by an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of metal halides and vaporized mercury.

Popular in Charlotte warehouses, retail spaces, gymnasiums, and factories, metal-halide lights are:

  • Slow to turn on
  • Not energy efficient
  • Costing your business money

Charlotte Commercial Light Fixture Replacements & Retrofits

Whether you need a retrofit or full commercial light fixture replacement in Charlotte, Roby Electric is your go-to commercial electricians.

Call us at 704-334-6447 or contact us online to learn more about our metal-halide retrofitting and fluorescent lighting solutions or to learn more about commercial lighting incentives from Duke Energy.