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Electrical Sign Wiring & Installation in Charlotte, NC

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Above your doors or out in the parking lot, business signs play an important role in your marketing and visibility. Experienced electricians should install and maintain the electrical wiring illuminating your Charlotte business sign. You need that power to be reliable, up to code, and ready to withstand the elements.

Roby Electric offers electrical sign wiring and installation services for Charlotte businesses. This includes electrical signs like logos and directional signs placed at exterior locations.

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Electrical Sign Wiring for Charlotte Businesses

The National Electrical Code® provides guidelines and requirements for wiring exterior signage, such as illuminated sign boxes. That means you need a professional commercial electrician with NEC knowledge and the skills to implement secure, weatherproof, reliable wiring. When installing electrical sign wiring, our professional team of electricians begins with the breaker panel. If you need to add a circuit or subpanel, we can take care of that. Then an exterior junction box gets installed with wiring run to it along the best possible path, with appropriate weather protection and all necessary safety measures in place. We make sure to test all wiring and repairs so your lights and signage will stay lit night after night for a long time to come!

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Charlotte Electricians for Outdoor Signage Wiring

Roby Electric provides electrical sign wiring installation, replacement, and repair services throughout the Charlotte area.

Whether you have a retail or restaurant business, office complex, school, church, municipal building, or multifamily property, we can help!

Electrical sign wiring services are available for any type of signage:

  • Illuminated sign boxes
  • Backlit marquees
  • Parking lot signs
  • Flood lights
  • Wayfinder / directional signs
  • LED display signs
  • Neon and fluorescent lights
  • Retro signs with light bulbs
  • Any other business signage that needs electrical wiring

Why Choose Roby Electric — the Electrician Charlotte Businesses Trust?

Outdoor light wiring requires a great level of electrical expertise. Businesses and organizations in the Charlotte area trust Roby Electric with important projects because we know how to get the job done right and keep it that way.

Your electrical signs impact everything from sales numbers to how the community views your business. Let us handle the electrical wiring and repairs to make sure your signage has the power it needs at all times.

Charlotte businesses prefer Roby Electric because we never rely on third-party labor and we will not sell you services you don’t need. We keep our word and provide professional wiring services by licensed, insured, trained technicians.

Our reputation in the Charlotte business community is important to us, so we work hard to become your trusted electrician.

Free Estimates for Commercial Electrical Sign Wiring

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