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Commercial Dedicated Circuit Installation in Charlotte, NC

Businesses require different electrical demands than homes. Workstations with computers, point-of-sale equipment, vending machines, and more all need dedicated circuitry. Call Roby Electric to install dedicated circuits in your Charlotte business - 704-334-6447!

Your business relies on uninterrupted power for computers, point-of-sale, telecom, and lots of other equipment. Many of these devices should be running on dedicated circuitry to prevent tripped breakers and power outages. How much money does your business lose in an hour of lost productivity?

Roby Electric installs and services dedicated circuits in Charlotte businesses to help keep your mission-critical electronics running all day. You can also use dedicated wiring for air conditioning, kitchen equipment in the break room, and other large appliances.

Call us today at 704-334-6447 or schedule a free estimate online to get started on dedicated computer circuits and other wiring upgrades for your Charlotte business.

Dedicated Circuits for Computers & Other Business Equipment

It’s simple, really — when your computers and appliances run on dedicated circuitry, your business is far less likely to encounter a power outage. Overloaded circuits strain your electrical system and may even cause a fire or major wiring damage.

At a place of business, any electrical issue can quickly lead to a fortune in lost work, so it’s important to place critical devices on dedicated circuits.

Benefits of dedicated circuits include:

  • Stay productive – Prevent tripped breakers and power outages to keep computers, phones, and POS running smoothly.
  • Protect equipment – Computers and other expensive electronics can be damaged by power surges and overheating.
  • Easy maintenance – Less chance of tripped breakers means less time troubleshooting problems.
  • Better power – Too many electronics running on one circuit creates “interference” that can actually reduce internet speeds, diminish call and video quality, and otherwise reduce the performance of electronics.

Charlotte Electricians for Commercial Dedicated Circuitry

As the Charlotte market grows and becomes even more competitive, your business needs every possible advantage. That includes preventing disruptions and lost hours by ensuring the reliability of your electrical system.

Roby Electric can install dedicated circuits at any type of commercial property, from mom-and-pop retail stores to giant office buildings and warehouses. Whether you need advanced wiring for computers and telecommunications, or simply dedicated circuits for major appliances like HVAC systems, our commercial electricians are the best in Charlotte for dedicated circuit installation and service.

Why Choose Roby Electric as Your Charlotte Commercial Electrician?

Throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, businesses trust our Charlotte commercial electricians for top-quality electrical work and honest, helpful service.

Give us a chance to become your preferred electrician. We do what we say we will, and never sell you something you don’t need. Our electricians are Roby Electric employees who are bonded and insured, background checked and drug screened.

We offer free estimates, warranties on all labor and parts, and you can even get same-day service. Count on Roby Electric for fast and professional dedicated circuitry installation and any other commercial electrical work.

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