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Commercial Security Lighting in Charlotte, NC

Security lighting protects your business after hours while also keeping employees and customers safe. In the Charlotte area, Roby Electric can install the wiring for commercial security lighting and install the fixtures, timers, and sensors.

Get assistance from our licensed commercial electricians in Charlotte to help plan a security lighting design and choose efficient, reliable fixtures and bulbs. We’ll install your security lights for a hands-free, around-the-clock solution that wards off break-ins and makes your parking lot safe at night.

Request a free estimate or call us at 704.334.6447 to discuss commercial security lighting installation in Charlotte.

Our Commercial Security Lighting Services

Security lighting works in a variety of ways and the electricians at Roby Electric can install a variety of commercial security lighting at your business including:

  • LED lights
  • Floodlights
  • Parking lot lights
  • Step lights
  • Exterior wall lights
  • Lamppost lights
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Timer-activated lights
  • And more!

Install Commercial Security Lighting in Charlotte

Roby Electric consults with local businesses around Charlotte to develop a comprehensive wiring design for an effective security system. Only a licensed electrician should install wiring—after all, if you wind up with tripping breakers or weather-damaged circuits, your security system may not work.

Our electricians can help with each step of installing security lighting at your Charlotte business:

  • Where to put security lighting around your business
  • What type of commercial security lighting fixtures and bulbs to use
  • Installing motion sensors, timers, or dusk-to-dawn photocell sensors
  • Adding a low-voltage transformer for outdoor lighting
  • Installing the wiring for security lights and cameras
  • Mounting your commercial security light fixtures

We will happily schedule your installation a time that is convenient for your business and test all equipment before we leave.

Repairs, Upgrades & Wiring for Commercial Security Lighting

Do your security lights not trigger on like they should? Do you have exposed wiring that looks like a safety hazard? Roby Electric can repair electrical wiring for outdoor lights and security systems. Let us know if your security lights won’t turn off, won’t turn on,flicker or go out during wind and storms.

Schedule a Consultation for Security Lighting in Charlotte

We provide free estimates for commercial electrical services anywhere in the Charlotte area. Whether you need a simple repair or want advice for commercial security lighting designs, get started with Roby Electric today.

Call 704.334.6447 for more info, or contact us online to request an estimate for commercial security lighting services in Charlotte.