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Whole-House Surge Protector Installation in Greensboro, NC

Don't be left in the dark! Let Roby Electric install a whole-house surge protector to protect your home's electrical wiring and electrical devices. Call today!

Wall outlets are a great place to start for surge protection, but unfortunately there’s much more to worry about. In addition to lightning strikes and fallen power lines that often happen in the Greensboro area, many smaller surges happen every time the air conditioner turns on or you use a large device like the garage door opener.

We recommend whole-house surge protectors in Greensboro as a more permanent and effective solution than power strips or the kind you plug into the wall. Roby Electric can install surge protectors at your electrical meter and at your circuit breaker panel for more layers of protection. Surges pose a grave danger to your computers, electronics, and other expensive appliances.

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Why Outlet Surge Protectors Aren’t Enough

Electrical surges can be caused by external factors (lightning, utility company problems, downed lines, etc.) as well as internal factors (large appliances cycling on and off). A surge strip protects the devices plugged into it, but an internal surge can still damage devices elsewhere in the home. 

Outlet protectors only offer protection by sacrificing themselves, so they also stop working after doing their job. A few big surges or many small surges will kill a typical surge strip, and their green protection lights are notoriously unreliable.

Basics of How a Whole-House Surge Protector Works

Whole-house surge protectors do what their name says, providing peace of mind for everything in the home. They also work for both internal surge cycles and those Greensboro lightning storms.

These devices do not lose their efficacy like outlet protectors do. Instead of absorbing the shock, the whole-house surge protector sends excess energy to the ground safely.

With a whole-house protection and surge strips for your most important devices, you can rest comfortably during the next storm and never worry about your HVAC system or laundry machines ruining your laptop!

Whole-House Surge Protector Installation In Greensboro, NC

At the meter, Roby Electric can install a “Type 1” surge protector device to protect your service panel and everything in your home from surges due to bad weather or utility spikes and outages.

We can also install a “Type 2” surge protector at the panel protector. A panel protector adds a layer of safety for those indoor surges as well as lightning surges.

Whole-house surge protectors are rated by how many amps of energy they can protect against. Our Greensboro electricians can help you choose the right type and power ratings for your home and appliances.

Free Estimates for Whole-House Surge Protection In Greensboro

Whole-house surge protectors can be installed in a matter of hours or less, for a cost that is far less than the value of the electronics you are protecting.

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