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Recessed Lighting in Charlotte, NC

Roby Electric is Charlotte's trusted electricians to design, wire, and install recessed can lighting in any local home. Call today for a free design consultation!

Want the clean lines of recessed lighting but need new electrical wiring to make it happen? Leave this home improvement to the professionals, because wiring for recessed lighting can be more than a bit tricky. You need the wiring and repairs to be performed by a knowledgeable electrician who can get the job done neatly.

Roby Electric provides electrical services in Greensboro and all the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on being trusted by our neighbors for honest, quality work. Get a free estimate for recessed lighting services by calling us today at 336.791.2161 or contact us online

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Many people who opt for recessed lighting in their Greensboro home say they want the clean, modern look of lighting without bulky fixtures. We also find that recessed can lighting is simply more functional than a lot of options. You get the amount of lighting you prefer, in the perfect locations, in any room.

The top reasons to choose recessed lighting:

  • Always in style – compared to overhead fixtures with trendy design, recessed lighting will never go out of fashion!
  • Light quality – enjoy overhead, ambient, and spot lighting with recessed cans located throughout a room. Save your eyes from the strain of dark spots or harsh lamps.
  • Energy efficiency – LED bulbs use very little energy and do not have the disadvantages that come with CFL bulbs.
  • Spacious rooms – Recessed lights are more comfy in rooms with shorter ceilings, and the full coverage may also eliminate the need for floor lamps.
  • Custom options – It’s really up to you when it comes to recessed lights. We can run wiring anywhere you want lighting, and you have plenty of options for brightness levels, dimmers, various metallic face plates, and other options.

Wiring for Recessed Lighting in Greensboro

Adding recessed lights or replacing old wiring? We can get this done quickly and cleanly so you aren’t left with patchy ceilings! We make sure that the circuit has appropriate power to handle the new lights, then we run new wiring to the nearest junction box. 

Our experts will make sure that each light is wired properly so your wall switches control them effectively. We’ll also make sure that your circuits are ready to power the lights so you don’t end up with constantly tripping breakers or burnt-out bulbs.

Why Choose Roby Electric for Recessed Lighting Wiring?

Our electricians know how to run wiring to new locations even in tight spots, so we can install and service recessed lighting in any location. The finished product will look clean and attractive, and the lights will function with complete reliability.

Find out why people in Greensboro trust us for all their electrical needs! Roby Electric promises prompt, courteous service from licensed and insured electricians who make your satisfaction the top priority.

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