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Generac Generator Repair in Greensboro, NC

Generac makes many of the most popular home backup generators on the market. Energy efficiency, long lifespan, and reliable performance are all to be expected from a Generac generator that has been properly installed in your Greensboro home. At Roby Electric, we’re an Authorized Generac Dealer with electricians who are skilled and experienced at servicing these machines.

When repairs are occasionally needed, you should definitely take action by bringing in a licensed electrician who knows how to troubleshoot Generac generators and fix them professionally. You’ll count on your Generac in a sudden emergency, so you need the peace of mind that comes with getting repairs done by a Generac expert.

For a free estimate from our Greensboro electricians, call Roby Electric at 336.791.2161 or contact us online today.

Troubleshooting Your Generac Generator’s Problems

Most service calls for generator repair in Greensboro are related to the generator’s parts wearing out slowly over time, since the equipment often goes unused for months or longer. While regular testing can help detect problems early, even a well-kept generator from a respected manufacturer like Generac will have parts break down or age out eventually.

If your generator won’t start, or you get an error message, or if the equipment powers on but shuts down inexplicably, call our Greensboro electricians immediately. We can fix all the common generator issues—and even the puzzling issues that require expert troubleshooting.

  • Battery replacement and battery wiring problems
  • Improper electrical wiring from the generator to your service panel
  • Fuel and oil leaks
  • Cracked, broken, or overheated parts
  • Fuel efficiency loss
  • Strange smell or noise issues
  • Full tune-ups and inspections for generators that have been unused or untested in a long time!

Greensboro, NC Electricians for Generac Generator Repair

Roby Electric has the experience and resources to provide advanced diagnostics and repairs for Generac generators. We sell and install Generac products, so our electricians are familiar with the brand’s lineup of propane and gas backup generators and related equipment. 

Fast service and high-quality repairs are what every homeowner wants, and that’s what our Greensboro electricians always aim to provide. Your electrician will be a bonded and insured Roby Electric employee, and your repairs will come with warranties for all parts and service. 

Emergency generator repairs are available 24/7 throughout the Greensboro area. Schedule your appointment or call us in an emergency, and we’ll work hard to deliver exactly the easy solution you want from your electrician!

Free Generac Generator Repair Estimates in Greensboro

Talk to our Generac generator repair experts today, and get your backup power working as it should. Contact us online to schedule service, or call our Greensboro office at 336.791.2161 for scheduled or emergency service.