Garage door opener installation and wiring in Charlotte, NC
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Greensboro Garage Door Opener Installation & Wiring

Your garage door is an expensive investment in your home and should be handled with care. If you are looking for an electrician to to install your garage door opener, including garage door opener wiring, call Roby Electric today!

If you’re old enough to remember the time before automatic garage door openers, you know how much easier life got when these machines were invented. To do its heavy lifting, a garage door opener takes a lot of electricity. That’s why you need professional quality garage door wiring for your Greensboro home to enjoy reliable power without a mess of wires.

Our Greensboro electricians can add garage door wiring, including a new receptacle and circuit if necessary.

Call 336.791.2161 or contact us online to get a free estimate for Greensboro garage door wiring by the friendly, trusted experts at Roby Electric.

Do I Need New Wiring for a Garage Door?

The garage door opener attached to the ceiling of your garage needs wiring, of course. We can wire a garage door on its own brand new circuit or add a receptacle to an existing circuit if there’s enough amperage available.

Dangling wires are a major hazard. Our Greensboro electricians can get you a slick appearance and the best electrical safety with new garage door wiring hidden behind the wall and ceiling.

You also need new garage door wiring if you have replaced an old 110v opener with a new 220v opener. In that case, we recommend a dedicated circuit.

Garage Door Opener Installation & Wiring by Greensboro’s Trusted Electricians

A properly wired garage door runs reliably every time, without the hassle of a tripped breaker or the annoyance of flickering lights. Roby Electric is a full-service residential electrician in Greensboro who knows how to ensure that you have enough power available and that the wiring is correctly sized and connected safely to the breaker panel.

Wiring garage doors requires more technical knowledge than most homeowners have, and it’s also a dangerous job in terms of avoiding electrocution. For your safety and the future performance of your garage door opener, leave this job to the electricians that Greensboro trusts to handle wiring installations and upgrades. 

Why Roby Electric for Installing Garage Door Wiring?

We can get the job done quickly with crisp, clean results. Our electricians know how to wire a garage door opener in as little as a few hours or less. We won’t give you the runaround or try to upsell you on anything, because our electricians are not paid on commission.

Roby Electric is also a fully licensed and insured electrician in Greensboro. We care about our reputation in the community and want to be “your electrician” for all electrical services.

When you ask us to install garage door wiring in Greensboro, we’ll do exactly what you need. You can also count on friendly service and a warranty for all labor and materials.

Request a Free Estimate for Garage Door Wiring in Greensboro, NC

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