Electric Vehicle Charger Installation
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Electronic Vehicle Charger Installation in Greensboro, NC

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Picking out a new electric car? Make it easy to recharge as quickly as possible with a home EV charger installation in Greensboro by Roby Electric. We’ll get you the appropriate power supply and help with any permits or service upgrades that you need to add an EV charger in your garage or driveway.

Using an electric vehicle charging station couldn’t be simpler, but first you need a licensed Greensboro electrician to mount the device and connect it to your service panel. We can perform the work in as little as one day.

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Upgrade to a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger

You probably have the option of plugging your car into a standard wall outlet, but a Level 2 charger works exponentially faster. Our Greensboro electricians will install an EV charger that you can use to “refuel” in a couple hours or less, rather than overnight.

Level 2 electric vehicle chargers require a 240-volt circuit. The National Electrical Code requires that the device gets permanently mounted as well. It’s also important that you choose an EV charger with the right wattage that your particular vehicle or the ability to detect how much wattage the battery takes. Ask our Greensboro electricians if you need advice finding an EV charger.

Electric Vehicle Chargers Installed in Greensboro

Adding an EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) to your Greensboro home is a lot like wiring a new HVAC system or adding an outlet for a large appliance. You need a licensed electrician to perform the wiring and make sure your electrical system can handle the added load.

Our Greensboro electricians can take care of the entire process of EV charger installation, making sure you can use your new device safely and efficiently. The steps include:

  • Check if you have enough electrical service (amps) from the utility to supply the EV charger. If not, we can perform a heavy up and replace the panel.
  • Check if your panel has enough free space to add a double-pole breaker. If not, we can replace the electrical panel or add a subpanel.
  • Wire a 240-volt circuit to your preferred location.
  • Finally, install the EV charging station in your Greensboro home!

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Roby Electric is the company you can trust for highly professional electrical upgrades like installing an EV charger. We are licensed, insured electricians in Greensboro who provide warranties for our work, and we care about your satisfaction.

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