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Greensboro Electrical Panel Upgrades (Heavy Ups)

Need to upgrade your home's electrical capacity? Call Roby Electric for licensed and insured electrical panel upgrades and heavy ups!

Life is very "plugged in" these days. Your electrical system should be up to the task of safely supply powering to all your devices and appliances simultaneously. Our Greensboro electricians can provide electrical upgrades to prevent the hassle of tripped breakers and the dangers of overheated wiring.

Electrical upgrades in Greensboro should be performed by a licensed electrician who understands the safety protocols and how to wire a new electrical panel or add circuits. 

Contact us online or call Roby Electric at 336.791.2161 for a free estimate for electrical upgrades or to ask for an inspection of your wiring and service panel.

When to Get Electrical Upgrades

Although electrical systems can last a lifetime, you may need electrical upgrades because of increased energy consumption. Home additions, remodeling, larger appliances, and new heating and air conditioning units can put a strain on your old wiring and service panel.

Talk to our Greensboro electricians about electrical upgrades if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Lights flicker when appliances run
  • Large appliances cause tripped breakers or blown fuses
  • Cannot run several appliances at the same time
  • Wires or outlets are overheating, burning, melting
  • Not enough electrical outlets
  • Electrical wiring is more than a few decades old

Options for Electrical Upgrades & Rewiring

Service upgrades expand your energy capacity so you can use more appliances at the same time. Adding more circuits can also help. Depending on the energy needs of your home, there are actually several ways to upgrade electrical service and prevent those tripped breakers.

  • Electrical upgrades to increase the total electrical supply from your utility company
  • Electrical panel upgrades to handle more amps
  • More circuits to prevent tripped breakers
  • Upgrade from a fuse box to a circuit breaker panel
  • Replace aluminum wiring or knob-and-tube wiring
  • Add electrical outlets for ease and convenience

Electrical Upgrades by Our Greensboro Electricians

The service panel and wiring are like the central nervous system of your home. It’s important to have all electrical upgrades performed by a professional Greensboro electrician. When you choose Roby Electric, your upgrades will be made by a bonded and insured, drug-screened, background-checked employee. The work comes with warranties for all parts and labor, and you can begin with a free estimate. 

Roby Electric only sells products and services that you need, so you can trust our Greensboro electricians for expert advice about electrical upgrades. Our job is to get your home safely powered and wired, and that’s exactly what we will do.

Free Estimates for Greensboro Electrical Upgrades

Tell us about your electrical issues and have one of our Greensboro electricians look at your service panel and wiring to see what electrical upgrades we recommend.

Request a free estimate for electrical upgrades by calling us at 336.791.2161 or contact Roby Electric online.