Roby Electric offers residential electrical inspections and code corrections in Charlotte, NC
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Greensboro Electrical Inspections & Code Corrections

Selling your home? Building a new addition and need an electrician to inspect the wiring and electrical system? Roby Electric offers home electrical inspections and code corrections in according with NFPA 70: National Electric CodeĀ®. Give us a call to schedule your electrical inspections!

Electrical inspections are more than just a formality. Many people are unaware of dangerous electrical conditions left behind by a previous owner or a handyman who made a mistake. In addition to avoiding fines and paperwork problems when it comes time to sell the house, electrical code corrections help protect your health and home more than you might realize.

Our Greensboro electricians perform meticulous electrical inspections and correct code violations. We’re available for same-day service and 24/7 emergency calls as needed. You can call Roby Electric at 336.791.2161 or contact us online to schedule an electrical inspection or code correction in Greensboro, NC.

When You Need an Electrical Inspection?

Common reasons to conduct a home electrical inspection include:

  • Older homes that have not been recently inspected
  • When selling or buying a home
  • When installing a major appliance or replacing HVAC equipment
  • After DIY home improvements
  • After professional contractors have remodeled or renovated

Once you know the potential code violations, you can decide which problems need to be addressed immediately. This keeps you and your family safe, while also preventing possible fines and real estate headaches later.

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Electrical Code Inspections: What We Look For

Trust our Greensboro electricians to give your home electrical system a complete exam and find all the small issues that should or must be corrected. Our careful eye and high level of expertise give you the best method of correcting code violations as quickly and as completely as possible.

Electrical code violations that we often uncover include:

  • Wrong sizes of circuit breakers
  • Improper grounding
  • Missing neutral wire at outlets
  • Outdoor outlets uncovered
  • Crowded electrical panel
  • Blocked electrical panel area
  • Dangerous wire splicing

Code Corrections by Roby Electric In Greensboro 

Roby Electric provides Greensboro and much of North Carolina with residential electrical services. We bring a thorough working knowledge of the local, state, and national laws and regulations that apply. We inspect for code violations based on the National Electrical Code, the standards of the National Fire Protection Association, and the North Carolina Building Code.

All our work is performed by licensed, insured, and highly experienced electricians and we warranty all parts and labor. Find out why Roby Electric should be your preferred electrician for safety’s sake and for better service.

We never push sales on our customers, and our electricians do not work on commission. Rest assured that when we recommend code corrections, it’s because you really need it!

Schedule an Appointment for Inspections & Code Corrections In Greensboro

Not sure when your electrical system was last inspected? Need to make sure that recent renovations or DIY projects are up to code? Ask Roby Electric to inspect your electrical work and correct code violations.

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