Electric water heater installation in Greensboro and High Point, NC
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Electric Water Heater Installation In Greensboro, NC

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When it comes to finding a trusted electrician to handle water heater installation in Greensboro, choose Roby Electric! Hiring a professional for handling the electrical components of a water heater is essential for the safety and functionality of the system. Improper wiring can be lethally dangerous, especially around water, and the 30-amp electricity and heating elements could cause serious harm.

Roby Electric makes it easy for you to replace or upgrade an electric water heater with professional wiring. If you need a new circuit added to the service panel, we can take care of that as well.

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Tips for Installing an Electric Water Heater

As always, be careful with a home improvement project like water heater installation. Whether you are adding a new tankless heater or just replacing an old one, it’s important to shut off power and follow all instructions carefully. After your water heater has been installed, let our Greensboro electricians wire it with a 30-amp breaker and the appropriate wire gauge.

Installing a water heater typically involves soldering and some basic plumbing. If you are uncomfortable with the demands, we suggest hiring a professional plumber to handle the bulk of the work. Whether you DIY the installation or not, be sure to hire a local electrician for the wiring.

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Electric Water Heater Wiring Installation in Greensboro

Today’s electric water heaters or tankless heaters can often be installed by the homeowner with relative ease. However, they require major appliance wiring with double-pole breakers like washing machines. In other words, you don’t just plug them into a wall outlet! If you do not already have a 30-amp, double-pole breaker wired to where the water heater will go, your Greensboro electrician will add a new dedicated circuit just for the heater. Rather than plugging into an outlet, electric water heaters need to be wired directly into the device. The water heater wiring process is more complicated than wiring a receptacle or light switch. It’s also very important that power is off and confirmed off by a voltage tester. 

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