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Greensboro Breaker Pannel Repair & Replacement

Let Roby Electric diagnose your circuit breaker problems!

Breaker panel replacement gives you a fresh start with a perfectly functioning electrical system and sufficient power for today’s energy needs. Outdated or heavily damaged panels need to be replaced. The breaker panel is central command for your home’s power. If yours is more than a couple decades old or has been damaged by time and weather, a new breaker panel is the smart choice.

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Repair or Replace the Circuit Breaker Panel?

This is a simple question, but there are many factors to consider. If replacing only a few parts would make the electrical panel work like new, then that’s what Roby Electric will recommend. If replacement is the best option, we will explain why.

Some common reasons to replace the breaker panel:

  • Water damage – corrosion, rust
  • Overheating damage – burnt, melted parts and frayed wires
  • Outdated system – fuse boxes or very old breakers
  • More power needed – home additions, added central A/C, new major appliances
  • General disrepair – breaker panel has been repaired or altered with mismatched parts over the years

Greensboro Breaker Panel Repair

Since electrical problems can stem from numerous underlying issues, you need a trained and experienced electrician who knows what to look for.

Our electricians use advanced diagnostic equipment and testing methods to determine what needs to be fixed in your breaker panel: the connections to appliances, wall outlets, breaker switches, the breaker panel, or the home’s wiring itself.

Solutions may include re-wiring the breaker panel, tightening connections, upgrading the amount of power flowing to the home, adding a subpanel, or replacing breakers and outlets. We might also advise that you need a new circuit added so that a particular room requires less electricity on one circuit.

When we’re done, you will have power safely flowing throughout the home and peace of mind that your breaker panel is not in danger of electrocuting someone or catching fire.

Breaker Panel Replacement in Greensboro, NC

In the hands of a certified electrician, a breaker panel can be replaced in about a day’s work. The process mostly entails carefully and expertly disconnecting the circuits and cables from the existing box, making any necessary adjustments to the circuits, and then connecting everything to the new panel.

Roby Electric can help you get better performance out of your system with a new breaker panel. Your old panel may be a fire and shock hazard waiting to happen. A new breaker panel will be safer and easier to control, and you can expect more reliable power for all your appliances.

Why Call Roby Electric for Breaker Panel Replacement?

Whether you just want an updated service panel for safety and convenience, or you need a system upgrade to supply more power to your home, you can trust Roby Electric to do the job with professional quality and integrity.

Our electricians never sell you anything you don’t need. We make sure you understand all your options and then we provide exactly what we say we will.

Roby Electric hires only the best electricians in Greensboro, and we never farm out the work. You’ll get your breaker panel replacement by one of our licensed, insured electricians with a warranty on all parts and labor.

Free Estimates for Breaker Panel Replacement in Greensboro

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