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Greensboro Ceiling Fan Installation

If you recently purchased a ceiling fan and need a reliable, licensed electrician to install it, call Roby Electric. Our electricians are licensed to rewire homes and install ceiling fans in any residence!

Whether you’re remodeling for a fresh look or trying to lower your utility bills, a new ceiling fan makes an elegant solution. This project may seem small, but it involves electrical wiring knowledge and takes more than one person to do safely. Leave it to the professionals, and get the best results in your next ceiling fan installation.

Call Roby Electric at 336.791.2161 or schedule an estimate online to get started with ceiling fan installation by Greensboro’s trusted electricians!

Advantages of Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans do so much more besides helping you keep cool and use less air conditioning. The circulation also helps reduce winter heating bills by pushing warm air downward. Even in mild weather, ceiling fans can boost your indoor comfort, because circulation and ventilation are crucial to air quality.

Beyond comfort, installing a ceiling fan improves the look and feel of a room. Overhead fans make elegant light fixtures for living rooms and bedrooms. A ceiling fan can make the difference between a spare room feeling welcoming instead of bare.

Homeowners in Greensboro are adding ceiling fans to bathrooms, kitchens, decks and patios, too. There’s a reason to add a ceiling fan to virtually any room.

Why Choose Roby Electric for Ceiling Fan Installation?

You can find instructions for installing a ceiling fan yourself, but these DIY guides fail to make it clear just how difficult and dangerous the project can be. Many people end up calling an electrician to finish the job because they realize that they’ve wasted countless hours up on a ladder trying to figure out how to wire and mount the fan.

Electricians ensure that your ceiling fan has safe, proper wiring and a functioning wall switch. The wiring aspect alone makes this a job for the pros!

Roby Electric has the best electricians in Greensboro for home improvement projects like ceiling fan installation. Our electricians do not work on commission, and we always clearly explain the work that we do. You’ll feel comfortable having us over to perform this installation, and you’ll love the clean installation and perfect operation of your ceiling fan for years to come.

Ceiling Fan Wiring and Installation in Greensboro, NC

New or replacement ceiling fans require the expertise of a professional electrician. We make sure the circuit can handle the load and that the wiring is run safely to the junction box in the ceiling. The fan itself must be securely installed to prevent wobbling, squeaking, or ceiling damage. The installation can be tricky depending on the space above the ceiling, but our pros know how to get it done quickly and seamlessly.

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Save your weekends for the fun stuff, and leave your next ceiling fan installation to the professionals.

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